Which Security Guard Courses Should I Take?

In California, Security guards are required to have a minimum of 40 hours of training.  Beyond the first 8 hours (the guard card class), there are another 4 classes (16 hrs) that are required.  The remaining 16 hours are elective courses.   There are many courses to pick from, but we suggest you take the classes that put licenses in your pocket.   They include: Exposed firearms permit (8 hrs), Baton Permit (4 hrs), OC/Pepper Spray Certificate (4 hrs), CPR/First Aid/AED (4 hrs) and TASER/ECD (4 hrs).

By putting more licenses in your pocket, you increase the chances that you will put more money in your pocket as well.  Recently, one of our students was contacted by a well known, national security firm.  He had submitted an application to the company some time earlier, and thought he had been forgotten.  The interview process took a few weeks, but he hung in there.  When they told him that he got the job, he called us right away to let us know.  The company hired him for almost twice what he was making as an unarmed guard.

He didn’t really need a bunch of permits at his current job.  He was working unarmed.  All he needed was a guard card.  But, he wanted to move up.  So he scraped together the money and took every class we offer.  At the end of his studies, he had his firearms permit, baton permit, pepper spray card and CPR/First Aid certificate.  That doesn’t include the handcuffing and defensive tactics courses that he took.  It was a lot of work, but his plan paid off, and his pay almost doubled!

Don’t be caught unprepared when opportunity knocks. Since you’re required to complete 16 hours of electives anyway, why not take courses for security guards that could help you make more money while you’re at it.

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