BSIS Firearms Requals

Re-qualify for your BSIS firearms permit with Practical Defense Systems

IMPORTANT PLEASE READ THIS: This is a Hybrid course (Refresher online / Live-fire at the range). You must complete the online 2 hour refresher course before registering for your range day. Click the “Sign-up Now” button below to begin.  You will be given a promo code and directions to sign up for your range day at the end of the online refresher course.  The $29.95 fee covers both parts of the course.

Security guards who already have a BSIS Firearms Permit are required to re-qualify by firing 50 rounds on the shooting range with a BSIS licensed training instructor twice per year. Sign up for this session if you need to re-qualify for your BSIS exposed firearms permit.

You must provide your own ammunition (50 rounds) and pay for your range time. Ammunition is available for purchase at the range. The first caliber is included. Additional calibers are $15 each. You will need 50 rounds of ammunition for each caliber on your permit.

Firearms, ammunition and range time:

Note: Gun rental, ammo and range time fees are set by the shooting ranges.  Practical Defense Systems has no control over these fees.  Shooting ranges can change these fees without notice:

This is NOT a “learn how to shoot” course.

We cannot teach you how to shoot during this course. You must already have safe weapons handling skills and be able to shoot well in order to compete this course and qualify under California state standards. If you don’t know how to shoot and need to take lessons PRIOR to taking this course, you can sign up for private lessons here

  • Limited firearms rentals are available.
  • Ammunition must be purchased at the range if you are using a rental gun.
  • Range time fees vary at each range.


  • State law requires that your practical range qualification day must be completed within 30 days of the day you complete the online section of this course.
  • You must bring proof of U.S. citizenship or legal residency in the United States in order to shoot. Original documents ONLY.  Photocopies are not accepted.  The ONLY documents that are accepted by BSIS are:
    • Birth Certificate (hospital birth certs are not accepted. Must have offical seal & document number)
    • U.S. Passport Book or Passport Cards.
    • DD-214
    • Valid Military ID
    • Green Card
    • INS paperwork.
  • Course fees do not include range time; ammunition or BSIS fees.

Course Information and Resources

Cost: $29.95 for one caliber, $15 for each additional caliber.  These fees include both the online refresher course and the live-fire range requalification day.

(No walk-ins!  Advance registration is required)

Live training sessions are currently available in San Diego County only.