Class Schedule

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Live Course Schedules Are Below.

No Walk-Ins!  Advanced registration is required for all LIVE courses.

  • The “SIGN UP” button disappears when a course is full.
  • You can not sign up for a Live Fire Range Qualification until you have completed the classroom section of the course.


The law changed on January 1, 2024. What matters is the date on which you first submitted your application. The San Diego Sheriff has applied the following rules:

  • Who can take the shorter 2023 class:
    • If you first submitted your initial California CCW application to the San Diego Sheriff’s Department in 2023 or before, you should take the course marked (2023).
  • Who must take the longer 2024 classes:
    • If you first submitted your California CCW application on or after January 1, 2024, you must complete the course marked (2024).