Parking And After Hours Entrance

Watch The Video Below.

Quick steps to save yourself a headache:

  • Watch the video above.
  • Arrive early!!! If you are late, you will miss all or part of your course and we will NOT refund your fee.
  • Drive into the complex were indicated by “Enter Here” in the photo at top.
  • Park where indicated in the photo above to avoid getting your car towed or ticketed.
  • During normal business hours: enter the building and go to the 8th floor.
  • Evening and Weekend classes: meet us where indicated above. The building is locked after hours and during weekends. You cannot enter without us. Once your class has started, you will not be able to enter. We cannot leave the class to come let you in.
  • DO NOT bring firearms or ammunition. We don’t allow them in the training room for safety reasons.

NOTE: Our phone system goes directly to voicemail after hours and on weekends. If you get lost or cannot get into the building for your class during those times, call 619-663-6811 ext 102 and leave a message. We monitor that extension during class and will call you back. DO NOT TEXT! Leave a voice message. If you text or just hang up, we will not call you back.