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CCW Permits:

20% OFF Through October 31, 2023 – Multi-State CCW Permit

The next step for California gun owners who travel. The Multi-State concealed carry permit class allows Californians to easily obtain permits from both Arizona and Utah. Both permits are accepted by multiple states across the country.

These permits do not allow concealed carry in California. These permits are issued to Californian’s so they can carry while traveling to other states.

Check which states accept these permits:


  • This is a one day course held at our Mission Valley office. The course is classroom only.  Range qualification is not required. 
  • The course fees include the course ONLY. State applications fees, passport photo, fingerprinting, and postage are not included.

Applicants must:

  • Be 18 years old on day of class
  • Take a class from a certified Instructor
  • Pass an FBI background check with no felonies, DUI, or violent crimes
  • Submit completed application and pay state fees

Course Information:
Course Length: 8 hours classroom (not including the lunch break).


  • Regularly $125 – Enter Coupon Code: multi01 and save 20%

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Active Shooter:

20% OFF Through October 31, 2023 Active Shooter Response Course:

Our Active Shooter Response course is designed to help you prepare for and survive an armed critical incident, such as an “Active Shooter”.


  • What you can do during an active threat event.
  • How to recognize indicators of possible violence.
  • What to expect during and after an active threat event. 

Course consists of:

  • Training in a small group.
  • 1 hour lecture
  • 2 hours of scenario-based training utilizing our MILO brand force options simulator.

This course is appropriate for:

  • CCW holders.
  • Armed or unarmed security personnel.
  • Church security volunteers.
  • Campus safety personnel.
  • Business managers and supervisors.
  • Civilians who want to be better prepared.

Subjects include:

  • Developing a survival mindset during active threat incidents
  • Preparing for critical incident(s)
  • Actions to take in active threat situations
  • Law enforcement response
  • Steps to take when confronted by first responders
  • Tips to stay safe & more!

We utilize laser based SIRT weapons (Pistol, OC, Taser, etc.) and provide the gear (holsters, etc.) for each training session.  We debrief each scenario after completed and provide constructive feedback.

Session Lengths: 3 hours

Cost: $149 per person – Enter Coupon Code: shooter01 and save 20%

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Home Defense

20% OFF Through October 31, 2023 – Home Defense Basics Course

Protect yourself and your loved ones against intruders and criminals. Take this dynamic course in the safety of our Mission Valley training facility using our MILO law enforcement simulator.

This home defense course is designed to help you prepare to defend yourself and your loved ones in and around your own home. This course will describe in detail what you can do during situations such as burglary, theft, robbery, assault and other crimes that could occur. Students will then run through realistic simulator drills to practice learned concepts.

In this home defense course you’ll learn:

  • Basic firearms safety rules
  • How to set up a safe room
  • The four levels of awareness
  • Steps to make your home more secure
  • How to communicate with the police
  • How to avoid legal pitfalls
  • How to defend yourself from attackers in your home

This course includes:

  • Detailed classroom instruction
  • Interactive scenario training in a simulator designed for law enforcement

Course requirements:

  • Must be at least 18 prior to registering for class.
  • Must NOT be prohibited from possessing a firearm.
  • NO Guns or Ammunition Allowed!

Course Length: 3 hrs.
Cost: $149.00 – Enter Coupon Code: HomeD123 and save 20%

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Security Guard Training:

15% OFF Through October 31, 2023 – Exposed Firearm Permit – Initial Permit

This is a two day course – (Classroom / Live-fire at the range).

  • You must complete the classroom section before registering for your range day. You will be given instructions to sign up for your range day at the end of the class. The course fee covers both parts of the course. 
  • You must complete the classroom section no more than 30 days prior to attending the Range Day.
  • The first day of the pre-licensing course covers the Dept. of Consumer Affairs guide-lines for carrying and using a firearm while in uniform and on duty as a licensed security guard in California.
  • The second day is range training and qualification. Qualification with one caliber handgun is included in the class.  Students may qualify with more than one caliber handgun (additional charges apply at a rate of $35.00 per caliber). 

Additional information:

  • Handguns may be rented from the range if needed (rental fees paid to the range).  NOTE: The range may be limited in the number, type, and caliber of handguns available for rent. 
  • Ammunition is to be supplied by the student or purchased at the range.  NOTE: The type and caliber of ammunition available for purchase at the range may be limited.
  • The following is required in addition to successful course completion:
  • The cost of this class covers the classroom course, the instructor’s time on range day, and the application paperwork (which we provide).  It DOES NOT include range fees, ammunition, firearms rental, live scan, psychological firearms assessment fee, license application fees, or the processing of your permit application. 
  • The course is taught in English only.
  • Additional information about the application process can be found on the BSIS website.


  • You must be at least 21 years of age
  • You must be able to legally posses a firearm in California in order to attend this course.
  • Proof of United States citizenship or legal residency is required.

IMPORTANT: Effective January 1, 2022, the Psychological Firearms Assessment must be completed PRIOR to submitting an Application for an Initial Firearms Permit. This is a significant change. Prior practice was to take the assessment AFTER you applied; as of January 1, 2022, you must take it PRIOR to applying for a firearms permit.

More information about the Psychological Firearms Assessment.

To Register for your assessment.

NOTE: You MUST bring the following to class and the range:

Identification and Proof of Legal Residence:

  • Government issued picture ID.
  • Proof of U.S. citizenship or legal residency in the United States. The ONLY documents that are accepted by BSIS are: Birth Certificate (hospital birth certs are not accepted. Must have offical seal & document number); U.S. Passport Book or Passport Card; DD-214; Valid Military ID; Green Card; Native American Tribal documents; or INS paperwork. Photocopies are NOT accepted except for copies of a DD-214. All other documents MUST be the originals.

License or Proof of Application:

If you have one of the following or you have applied for one of the following, bring proof:

  • Alarm company operator
  • Guard Card
  • Private investigator
  • Private patrol operator
  • Responding alarm agents

If you don’t have one of the above, bring proof that you have applied or that you intend to do so.  Proof can be presented in the form of an application, or copy of an application, that you have completed and signed, even if you have not submitted it yet.  For example, a completed and signed guard card application.

Course length: 8 hrs (Classroom) 3 hrs (Range)

Cost: Regularly $150 – Enter Coupon Code: guardgun01 and save 15%

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